Frankly Speaking ........Now!
Background Information
Frank was saved at the age of eight.  Having a great grandfather, grandfather and an uncle that were ministers, he received the foundations of Christianity at an early age. Christ quickly became a vital part of his life.  Opportunities opened to go on mission trips to Jamaica and Trinidad where he ministered in testimony, music and teaching.  As an active member of a "small town" church in Ky, he taught Sunday school and sang in the choir. 

Being a member of a contemporary Christian band, Bloodwasshed (no typo, look closely),  for almost ten years, there were many growing pains.  It was through this experience that the Lord allowed Frank to meet a variety of unusual people from many different denominations and walks of life.  He was learning that there was more to Christianity than just being saved.   There were so many questions and more  than enough opinions and answers.  Frank wanted to know the truth.  He knew that the Holy Spirit would lead him to the truth and would teach him all things.  God's opinion was the only one that mattered and Frank was determined to find out what it was. 

During this time (for two years) he would go straight home after work to pray and study God's word.  The Lord revealed more fully the truth of His word.  Those 3D bible reading glasses continue to be an awesome gift to this day.  Jesus is still the same yesterday, today and forever.  A war is going on and Frank wanted to do something about it.   There was and is so much more to learn.   Satan has tried to hide God's word from us, but His word endures forever. It truly continues to live and prosper everywhere that it is deposited and planted.

Continuing to want more, doors opened for Frank to became a praise and worship leader, youth paster and street evangelist. After moving to a "city",  Frank was called by one of the largest churches to be interim youth pastor to over 200 kids.  In less than 3 months, over 30 young people were saved.  Many more were touched in a miraculous way by the Holy Spirit.  Rededications were made weekly and the Lord moved in such a wonderful way.  They truly learned who they were in Christ.

Frank has worked additionally as "Last Stand Ministries", co-led  a pastor's conference in India, evangelized and pastored a home church.  He supports other ministers in roles they need and continues to "go after God" in whatever means is necessary.  He has made mistakes and really blown it at times, disappointing himself as well as others. Frank is an ex-sinner, justified, that continues to make mistakes.  Although that is not his desire, he will tell you that God uses the very things that Satan has meant for his harm and destruction for good! It has been the very things that have caused the greatest disappointment that God uses for His glory. 

Because of all that Frank has experienced, good and bad, he loves to allow the Lord to use him in bringing forgiveness, liberty, freedom and healing to the body of Christ and the workplace.  There are so many hurting people that cling to their past wounds, mistakes and wrong choices.  It is time to go forward. God is full of mercy, grace and forgiveness.  Let's determine to do as Paul, who said in paraphrase, "I don't think I've arrived yet, but there is one thing I continue to do....forgetting the things done in the past by putting them behind me and remembering them no more.  Then I can run with all my might toward the things that are ahead, so that I might win all the prizes and victories that God has intended for my life." As I do not want to be "Frankly Speaking Then",  I continue to be "Frankly Speaking Now"!

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