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Hello, it is my desire to come speak or teach at your church, conference, retreat or other appropriate engagement .  Please contact me at the email address below for a quick response.  I look forward to scheduling our time together.

All questions and comments are welcome and I definitely look forward to hearing from you, so do it now! 

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How can I help and assist?

By bringing deliverance from the "weights" and "hindrances" that have slowed or even stopped any movement forward while learning how to cut the ties to those anchors once and for all.

In overcoming the "giants" and "obstacles" that have created fear and strongholds in our lives; stopping the plans and promises of God from being fulfilled and hiding the solutions.

Through gaining liberty and freedom from the guilt, wounds,
 unforgiveness, hurts and pains of our past while learning how to allow God to transform them into the very strengths,  experiences and wholeness that can used for His glory.

By releasing hope and vision for renewal and revival through personal experience, impartation and teaching...
while creating hunger in hearts for more of God through humility, prayer,repentance and expectancy.

Imparting encouragement, inspiration, and motivation are so important to any group of people, but let me also
reveal how persistence, consistence and stability creates a lasting winner in lieu of a shooting star.

In that I believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, He has also called me in this same manner to bring freedom, liberty and deliverance to those who are held captive to any form of bondage, addiction, mistake and sin. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, pornography, adultery, wrong thinking, the past, errors in choices, financial mistakes, guilt from a failed marriage or bankruptcy, etc., the Lord is still healing, breaking the chains that bind and opening the prison doors that hold us captive.

I desire to see people "free"....totally free.
We still have the opportunity to "finish strong!"

Let me have the opportunity in experiencing with you
 the goodness of the Lord!

Frankly speaking now...desiring to bring motivation, inspiration, encouragement,  deliverance and freedom through teaching, experiences, testimony, visuals and the anointing of the Holy Spirit individually and corporately. 

Continuing to believe the best in you,


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Located in Kentucky

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