Frankly Speaking ........Now!

Click here to read August's devotional, "Success begins with Failure."  Find encouragement, inspiration and motivation to go through the storms of life experienced in these times.

Click here to read July's devotional, "Persisting to success," about a daughter's persistence and determination to win her father's heart for the Lord.  It is a reminder that we are making progress with each step forward no matter how the situation appears.

Click here to read June's devotional, "Getting Rid of the Past."  Focusing upon the past keeps us from going forward.  It is God's desire that we are set free from the past and that we receive His forgiveness.  Let's let Him erase the events of our past totally! 

Click here to read May's devotional, "Hearing the Right Voice."  With so many "voices" vying for our attention, it takes us including, or maybe even excluding some extras, to discern the best one.  God has a provision and plan in order that will help us achieve this.  May you be blessed as you read this monthly devotional. 

Click here
to read "God is jealous over us." It is exciting to remember that God loves us more than we realize.  He values and looks forward to our time together.  Enjoy reminding yourselves that you are not alone.  He is with you always!

Click here to read the first "Frankly" Devotional (1988).  As I was getting new vision for the things that God wanted me to do for this season in my life,  I ran across several of the older "Frankly Speaking" newsletters.   May your faith grow feet as you read about an amazing feat that was accomplish in the 1800's.

Click here for a story on the Forum page about how God used Tom to jump start some processes He desired in my life.  God still uses other people to help shape and influence our lives today.  It may be the one you least expect.

Click here for a story on how a relationship between two people should and can be.  There is hope for everyone of us to have fantastic relationships with our spouse, friend, family and others.  See what I am talking about!

Click here for a short devotion on what happened when the Shunemite made room for Elisha.  We are blessed when we make room for the Lord in our lives today through our alone time with Him.

Click here for part 2 of "making room," where the ways of Martha and Mary with Jesus are compared.

Click here to continue learning how to go forward in "Fighting for your Freedom!"

Click here to get rid of what we have learned in "Discovering Prejudice" and be free to not see the differences in each other ever again!

Click here to find encouragement in the Lord.  It is when we focus upon the good things and all our blessings that we find happiness!

Click here to find the reasons to keep going forward no matter what you are facing...."Don't Give Up!"

Click here to find what to expect from the things you are sowing in your lives through the devotional, "Expect a Harvest from the things you sow!"

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