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Evel Knievel Testimony

Former Daredevil Evel Knievel Takes a Different Kind of Leap

Legendary daredevil "Evel" Knievel, who thrilled and sometimes horrified generations of fans by making (and sometimes missing) seemingly impossible stunts made a very different kind of leap recently - a leap of faith.  Knievel gave his heart to Jesus Christ and on April 1 he shared his testimony and was baptized at California's Crystal Cathedral.

Click here to watch Evel Knievel's testimony from the "Hour of Power"

Several weeks before, Knievel, now 68 and in ill health from his numerous injuries, had called Robert H. Schuller, telling him he had asked Jesus Christ to come into his heart.  Eventually, Schuller flew down to Tampa to meet Knievel.  The aging daredevil says he knew what was going on.  "He was checking me out to make sure I was sincere in what I was saying," he said.

After meeting and talking with Knievel over the course of several days, Schuller became convinced Knievel's conversion was genuine, and he invited him to come to California to share with the Crystal Cathedral congregation and the worldwide "Hour of Power" audience.

On Palm Sunday, Knievel was present for worship at the church.  His boldness in sharing his faith in Christ and following Him in baptism publicly inspired others to do the same - more than 500 people that one morning service alone! 

"Jesus Christ is everything! I know that now. If I had known that years and years ago, I would have been three times the man I thought I was," said the legendary daredevil after he finished his astonishing testimony in the Crystal Cathedral on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2007. 

Dr. Robert H. Schuller had just finished baptizing Knievel and most of the 3,000 people present - including Knievel himself - were wiping away tears, rejoicing in the power of Christ to change a life.  After the congregation sang "Amazing Grace" Dr. Robert A. Schuller came to the podium to continue with the service and ultimately to deliver the morning's message.  But as he watched his father and Evel Knievel walk away from the pulpit area, he sensed the Holy Spirit speaking to him in that still small voice, saying, "I believe there are many others here this morning who would like to be baptized. Invite them to come forward."

Just a moment before, the congregation had given a loud, thunderous standing ovation for Knievel but now they were silent as the younger Dr. Schuller walked to the microphone and shared what God was saying to him.

"I believe there are many others here this morning who are ready to take this same leap of Faith" Schuller said.  He invited them to come forward to profess their faith in Christ and be baptized.  Before the service concluded over 500 people were baptized.

Click here to watch the video of the special baptism service at the Crystal Cathedral

In a message to church members and partners about the experience, Dr. Schuller reminded people that the Holy Spirit is continually leading and guiding believers. 

"What is that "little voice" saying to you today? What will He say to you tomorrow? How will you respond?" Schuller asked.

The "Hour of Power" program featuring Knievel's testimony aired worldwide on April 22.

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