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Failure births Success

Success begins with Failure!

Heb 10:35-36

So don’t lose your confidence, it will bring you a great reward.  You need endurance…. so that after you have done what God wants you to do, you can receive what he has promised.

Romans 8:25
But we are hoping for something we do not have yet, and we are waiting for it patiently.

Elbert Hubbard

“There is no failure except in no longer trying”! 


During the last several days I have been thinking about the word failure!  Failure is defined as a lack of success, but is this a complete explanation?  It is something that we have all experienced AND will continue to experience, so our reaction to failure is very important to our short term and long term successes!   Maybe our success depends upon our understanding of failure.  The thought discussed here is going to be, “Success begins with failure…as long as we don’t quit!”

I was sharing last night an illustration that explains more fully.   Hopefully, you will be able to relate, unless you are one of the “chosen few” visiting here from Planet Perfect that never make mistakes and never fails.  The names have been changed, and the story exaggerated, to provoke thought in “the ones” that read this.

There is a light bulb not working in my house....the time is 8:30am.…and the mission, if I decide to accept it, will begin promptly at 9:00am.  Wow, this is my opportunity to prove myself…. replace a light bulb??? (Easy enough, even for me!)  Yep, Frank the handy man…going to give my “contribution” to the household. Simple, I am in!  “Bring it on!!!”

Being one of those recessed lights way up there on a vaulted ceiling, it is going to take a ladder.  The ladder is out in the garage…a piece of cake.  An aluminum ladder doesn’t weigh that much and I know exactly where it is.  As I opened the door to retrieve the ladder, my memory kicked in...Oops…the ladder has been strategically placed behind all of the “belongings” that didn’t fit into the house after the move from Pensacola.  I wasn’t going to use the ladder for a while, so it would be completely out of the way.  Hummm, I wonder whose idea that was. You probably have already guessed the answer....mine!

After “digging out” for about 15 minutes, I was ready to begin.   With the ladder finally in the house, it was easy going from here…just set it up…climb to the top...AND…Ok, the ladder is six feet tall.  My height is approximately six feet.  My arm is probably around three feet long.  Why can I not reach the light bulb?  Ok, there has to be one of those bulb unscrewer things on a pole around here somewhere. It is almost 9:30, so I’ve got to hurry!  Where is that thing?  I know there has to be one of those things around here somewhere.  I've been set up.  Arrrggghh!!

Finally, after searching in all the closets, on top of shelves and everywhere I thought it would be in the garage, I spot it!  Partially hidden behind the hot water heater, I see the bulb unscrewer thing.  Thank God!!  Mamma would be so proud!   Okay, so what is this string hanging from the top of the pole.  Doesn’t this contraption just grab the bulb and remove it when I twist?  Ok, I am a college grad.  I have managed businesses and dealerships.  Being in my 50’s, one would think I would know how to operate one of these by now.  Maybe it is an “only child” thing.  No, that’s not it.  I worked hard as a kid.  I remember mowing yards, putting up barbed wire fences, painting, raking, etc.   I’ve just never used one of these before.  My ceilings were never THIS tall!  “It’s okay, Frank,” as I talked to myself.  “You’ve got another 1 hour and 10 minutes before it has to be done. You can figure this out!”

It seems my thinking was wrong.  It did not just grab the bulb for me, or at least this one didn’t.  I know I have seen something like that for a flood light, but this was a recessed light.  Maybe there is another attachment, but where would that be? Hurry! I've only got another 54 minutes before everyone gets here.  Finally, with great relief, I saw that by pulling the string, it moved the rubbery type material at the end of the pole.  Alright!  I see it now!  Just push it against the bulb… creates suction…screw it out….pull the string to release the bulb….easy….except when I unscrewed the bulb and repeated the process in reverse for the “new” bulb, it didn’t work. My meeting begins in approximately 40 minutes…unbelievable! 

Okay, it has to be a bad bulb.  Let me get another one and try it…….Okay, nothing.   This doesn’t make sense.  It has to be a bad batch of bulbs.  Maybe if I replace it with one that I know is working, at least I can eliminate the “bad batch of bulbs” theory.   Great idea….just in time….everyone will be arriving in about 25 minutes! 

This is ridiculous!  How would a bulb that was working perfectly fine not work now?  Maybe there is some dust, corrosion, or a foreign object blocking the flow of electricity to the end of the bulb.  I need to get a wet rag and push it up there to see if I can remove whatever it is.   Wait!  That is not a good idea!  I could get electrocuted.  (See, surprised you, didn’t I?)  Ok, that does not change that I have about 15 minutes left till...Oh no, they're early!!

Yes, they saw the project not completed.  The first reaction, without knowing all the processes involved, could have been one that judged my “mission” as a failure.  The thing I learned through this experience is with each failure I knew more than before.  Most of the things that didn’t work had been discovered.  Although success didn’t come in the time expected, it was going to come.   Failure brought knowledge that I needed to replace the light socket.  Success came with each process of elimination and each failure.  Persistence and endurance insured my ultimate success as the light shined brightly again and I was again...a hero.

Hopefully, you see now that success does begin with failure, as long as we don’t give up and we continue to move forward in completing our “mission.”  Success is attained through a progression of failures, with each failure bringing us closer to success.  If that is not happening, we are quitting or giving up way too early.  Success is nearer than you think.  You will succeed in all you are pursuing, provided that you don’t stop trying.  May the Lord continue to supply all that you need to win!

Continuing to believe the best in you,






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