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Getting Rid of the Past

             Getting Rid of the Past

Dear friends,

There's been something upon my mind the last several days.  I can’t quite figure out what's happening.  It's become a priority for me to discover what's going on.  This morning, in my quiet time, I asked the Lord to show me.  There was nothing...just silence.  As soon as I got up from praying,  I found out what the Lord had been trying to tell me, reminding me of the following events...


Having been in Arizona, everyone kept telling me how great it smelled right after a downpour. There's supposedly a plant, the Creosote Bush, which opens up during a rain and lets off a wonderful fragrance that fills the desert air. At the time, I thought everyone might just be setting me up for disappointment; maybe it's because I'm continually teased by these same people about my accent…BUT, I was determined to believe and trust what they said anyway.


Finally, it rained one night.  The doors and windows were open around the patio. There was a gentle breeze blowing and the temperature was much lower than usual.   I was expecting the wonderful aroma I had heard about, but instead smelled something different.  What is that smell?  It sure was NOT what I expected…oh, no…wet dog!  Unbelievable! After inquiring, I found out there had been a dog living on the patio.  He had been gone for almost 6 months, but his scent remained.  I knew I shouldn't have left my new pressure washer behind!


This is a great illustration of how occurrences in our past affect our lives.  Even though we don’t do them anymore and they are not part of our lives, the “smell” still remains.  It could be a bad choice we've made, a divorce, or maybe it was something we knew we shouldn't have done, but did it anyway…now, we are paying a price for that decision.  Like the bible says, “We are reaping what we've sowed”.


As I was thinking on these things, my friend sat down beside me and asked what had been wrong. They could tell I had been in deep thought, which made me seem standoffish.  As we we began to talk, my friend commented on having a “splinter” of some sort in their foot and how it had irritated them all night long. As they moved their foot, the sheets had brought more irritation to the area where the splinter was. My friend tried to show me where the splinter was, but I couldn't see because it was so small. How could something so tiny be causing so much discomfort?


My friend finally had enough!  On a mission, they asked for the tweezers....that little sucker was leaving.  After pulling the splinter out and putting some antibiotic on the place it had been, all was good.   First, a decision was made to "deal" with the splinter. Second, action was taken by removing it.  Operating in denial, or ignoring it, would not, and did not, cause the "problem" to go away.  Next, a commitment was made to put the right "ointment", which promoted healing, on the wounded area...Lastly, it requires our having patience in waiting for the "wound" to time.


How does God want us to deal with the “splinters” and “aromas” of the past?  I think the following scripture gives us a great example:  

1 John 1:9 states, “If we acknowledge (confess) our sins, He is faithful and just… and will cleanse us from every wrongdoing (all unrighteousness).” 

He is saying that we can deal with our “splinters” and “aromas” by admitting to Him that we have them and asking for His forgiveness and help. God actually has the tweezers and medication designed specifically for your “splinters “and “aromas”.  He personally removes them by forgiving us and cleansing us…thoroughly.  

“Wash me thoroughly and cleanse me from my sin,” Psalms 51.  

God has given us the provision to make any day a brand new start.  Let’s chose to accept His “gift” and receive freedom from the past. The bible tells us that He is merciful toward us, so He takes those things (splinters and aromas) and throws them as far as the east is from the west, remembering them no more (Psalms 103:12, Heb 8:12).  He totally forgets them and wants us to, also...when we ask Him to forgive us. 

Let me give you an example.  Think about backing up two missiles next to each other with one facing west and the other facing east.  They are both fired in the direction they are facing.  Having the newly designed solar fuel cells, by Son Source, their fuel will never run out.  The missiles travel forever in opposite directions, with the passing of each second taking them farther from each other.


I have been a participant of His forgiveness.  His mercy is always more than enough.  There is nothing too big for God to handle.  Please remember that God loves you and cares for you.  He is waiting for you with open arms.  His desire is that you would run to Him, jump in His lap and just hug each other until everything is okay.  

He is the only One that completely understands you and what you are going through.  He knows your every need and your every desire.   He has your name engraved upon the palms of His hands.  He has bottled every tear you've ever cried. 

“Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassion's never fail.  They are new every morning…great is His faithfulness.” Lam 3:22-23. 

He wants a relationship with you! 

Continuing to believe the best in you,



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