Frankly Speaking ........Now!
God will see us through!

Dear Friend,


As I read your email, tears came to my eyes.  I saw your love for the Lord and your desire to feel and experience His presence as usual.  You have to know that He feels the very same for you.  He misses you when you are not there.  He misses hearing that unique voice of yours and the songs of your heart! 

We are definitely in unique times.  Many people are in an all out war, facing some of the most difficult times they have ever faced!  The Lord promises when the enemy comes in like a flood (that seems to be what you are describing), He will raise a standard against him! Isaiah 59:19.


I remember seeing the most beautiful beaches in my life when I moved to Pensacola, FL.  There was nothing like going to the beach.  It was wonderful and I loved it.  There was always so much peace and I felt the presence of God there!  All of the sudden we had a major hurricane…then another….and then another.  There was great damage done by each and it brought fear of another, more powerful, coming!  With God’s help, we all survived! 

My house, badly damaged was rebuilt.  In a short time, things were much better than they had been before.  I had a new roof…new screen around my outdoor area…new paint, etc.  The beaches eventually were more beautiful than ever and the economy boomed.  All signs of the horrible things that we endured were finally gone and transformed into memories that made us stronger and wiser for the events ahead!


You and I both know that God is faithful and we can trust Him.  There is nothing too difficult for Him to do.  All things are possible for Him and He continually supplies ALL our needs, according to His resources and riches in glory.  Plus, David continually reminds us not to forget ALL of His benefits in Psalms 103. 

Let’s try, with God’s help, to focus upon ALL the GOOD and wonderful things in your life, as there are many, Phil 4:8.  Focus upon the solution (God) instead of the problems!  I don’t know the outcome, but I do know that ALL things work together for GOOD to them that love Him, AND YOU DO, Rom 8:28. “Don’t get weary in well doing, because in due season you will reap a reward if you faint not,” Gal 6:9. Don’t stop….God IS going to see you through! 


Remember Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego of the bible.  They had to go into the fiery furnace, exactly where you are right now.  They knew who their God was and they would not bow down.   You cannot bow down either.  God is able, but if chooses to do something different, you still can’t bow down to the circumstance and situation. 

As they went through the fire, God was with them (as He is with you in your fire).  They came out and their clothes and hair were not even singed.  You are going to come through the fire, also!  You have a mansion prepared for you.  Our momentary light afflictions are producing eternal glory!  He is doing something great inside of you.  He is asking you to have faith in the midst of the storm.  He loves you and is with you always, even when it doesn’t feel like it or look like it!


I am going to pray that God will do a miracle in your midst.  I am going to pray that He opens the door of opportunity to save those things He desires.  Let’s specifically ask Him to give you wisdom and lead you to the right people to help you modify your house payments.  Let’s also ask for God’s favor upon your husband’s business…that new deals and opportunities will be attracted to him like a magnet.  Let’s pray for divine favor and divine appointments to cross your paths! 


I know it is so hard…but see God answering your prayers….expect His involvement in your lives….look for His goodness and you will find it again!  God is going to see you through this.  He is going to help you navigate through these uncharted waters.  He is going to give you wisdom in your choices and decisions.  He is going to do unexpected miracles in your midst AND He is going to release blessings upon your life with increase and people!


Believing the best….with you,

Frank Withers

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