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The Lord IS with us always AND never leaves or forsakes us, no matter how life "feels" or "seems" at this very moment. Somehow, He uses ALL the "stuff" in our lives we give Him, the good AND the bad, along with the successes AND the failures. He combines the "ingredients" of our lives into a "heavenly mixture" that becomes "eternally" GOOD for His purposes, as well as for ours. He is ALWAYS working behind the scenes on your behalf...and for YOUR behalf.  It continues to be a VERY GOOD thing He is on YOUR side!

Be assured, EVERYTHING you are facing right now continues to be "Father Filtered." The many challenges coming your way are accomplishing ALL that's needed for the present AND the future. He WILL give YOU all the wisdom and all the resources required to go through and overcome. You CAN trust Him with...AND in...ALL things!
 That's AWESOME!

Quote of the Month:
"Times have changed! We've changed. We're not "driving around" in chariots, or riding a lot of donkeys these days. But, The Lord has NOT changed. He is the same today as He was then. He is STILL The Lord over ALL. Let's thank Him for all our many blessings & ALL we take for granted! Be thankful! God CAN...and is always ABLE to make a WAY where there seems to be no way! Trust HIM!"  
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 "Continuing to believe the best in you....and with you!"

Thank you for visiting my website. Hope-fully over time it will become one of your favorite websites, helping you take that leap of faith.  May the Lord help to meet your every need during these times.  It's exciting to see what the Lord is doing in these end, let's stay prepared AND be ready for all...believing the best!

"No matter how it are never alone!"

Finding your Heart of Motivation Again!

We all have "obstacles" that we must face in this life. These "giants" can include our jobs, events of the past, sickness, finances, thoughts, anger, depression, change, others, etc. It is important to learn that many times it is fear that keeps us from overcoming these  things. This fear is a result of having the wrong focus.  We have been looking at the giants instead of the solution. God wants to give us the strength and courage to do all things. He desires for us to succeed.  It is time to focus upon Him, His words, and the good things in our lives. We're so blessed! Let's continue making ALL the best choices so we can Finish Strong and Well!

How many times do we feel all alone in the situations we are facing?  The obstacles can seem so overwhelming, with no way out. There are other times it just seems like no one cares.  We are afraid to share our feelings with those around because we fear that they will not understand. So, there we are, alone.  Thank goodness that these thoughts and feelings are not true.  The Lord never leaves us our forsakes us.   He is always there to help and listen to us in times of need.  He asks us to give Him all our cares, worries and concerns.   He cares for us and loves us a never ending, unfailing, pure and true love!

There are no excuses for living a life less than the one you are capable!


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