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Joni Eareckson Tada 2

    Joni, as you strive to be a biblical woman—especially in your relationship with Ken—what are some things the Lord has taught you?

Well, most people know I’m a quadriplegic. I cannot fold clothes; but I can pray for, cheer on, encourage, support, listen to, applaud, and praise my husband. The secular feminist movement has virtually neutered men’s masculinity. As women, we can help reinforce those characteristics about a man that are truly praiseworthy. In so doing, we not only fulfill our Genesis 2 role of being a helpmate, but we help our husbands be the men God designed them to be. That’s a marvelous vocation.

You minister worldwide to people affected by disabilities. How does this idea of true womanhood help you reach out uniquely with the love of Christ?

Women have been wired by the Creator to be compassionate, to assess a need by sheer intuition, to respond with help and hope. When there’s a disability in the picture, the femininity of women and the masculinity of men is virtually flattened. The roles, expectations, and responsibilities change. Often people with disabilities lose their sense of femininity or masculinity, and I think it is so important to remind disabled women that, yes, you are essentially feminine. God made you. God built you for relationship, prayer, service, support, nurturing, and worshiping God in a way that is very different from men. That’s an exciting thing for women with disabilities to discover.

What does a true woman look like today?

A true woman is able to take her innate giftedness—the ability to reach out, connect, and relate—and find creative ways to share the love of Christ in this anti-biblical generation. Today’s Christian woman can truly model through genuine relationships what it means to be female—to be loved by God, and to be a friend to and relate to others.
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