Frankly Speaking ........Now!
Motivational Videos

Enjoy some of my favorite motivational videos.  Nick Vujicic is an amazing man with no arms and no legs.  Watch all of his videos as he speaks openly from his heart...very transparent.  He is always one of my personal favorites, Now, "Facing the Giants,  gives me "spirit bumps" every time I see it.  I see so much symbolisms with the giants we all face and our Father, that spurs us on. "Team Hoyt" will move you in ways that you haven't been touched before. 

All of the videos will leave you with no excuses...and hopefully all will continue to remind you of the Father's unconditional love for each of us.

Take time to let them load as they are worth it...enjoy, and post your comments in the guestbook or send them directly to me.  I would love to hear!  Share them with others....please.

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