Frankly Speaking ........Now!
NEW-Frank's Video Clips
Hello everyone.  I do realize that I am not a great video maker or editor.  In fact, I don't even look that good on video.  I have a crooked nose, a southern accent, hair growing out my nose and ears I have never had before...AND I could go on and on, but I would rather focus on ALL the reasons why than all the excuses to NOT!

Hopefully, you will find something that will make you laugh or smile....maybe you will see something that may even touch your heart or inspire you to think differently...It would be great if you found something that would motivate you to start or resurrect positive changes in your life. 

Better would be awesome if your relationship with Jesus Christ grew closer than close, that you would begin to influence and affect those around you.

As always....I continue to believe the best in you...with you,

Frank Withers

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