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Pursue Like Bartimaeus

Dear Friends,


Hello, I really wanted you to read this devotional today.  First, I really have enjoyed Os Hillman’s devotionals.   Second, I believe that a lot of his viewpoints will match yours.  His thoughts and ministry are not new ideas.  They are actually “old” ideas which include taking the church into the marketplace; our Jobs, where we bank, where we shop, to our “clubs” and organizations we belong, etc. 

I also had Bluetree’s “God of this City” playing in background.  You may want to download the song for a listen if you have not heard it.   Chris Tomlin also has a version that he arranged after hearing this group in Ireland and I have included it on the website.  You may click here to listen as you finish reading.    He was impressed by them and what God wants to do in our cities.  Jesus is still the same.  He has not changed.


Hopefully, this already compliments the things that are in your hearts.  We can do more than what we are doing, but it will take us doing something that we have never done before to achieve the results that we have always wanted.   It will cost us.   Yes, there will be a price to pay to do those things that God has put in our hearts.  I believe He will give us new strategies to achieve the dreams, desires, visions and goals upon our hearts, but we have to be open to them.


Recently, I moved to Scottsdale, AZ, resigning from my job of almost 8 years and a profession that I had been in for nearly 18 years.  God definitely has gotten me out of my “comfort zone.”   My flesh was screaming at times, ok, it still does, “what are ya doing?”   “Have you lost your mind?”   But usually the comfort zone is the “dead zone.” It is a place where we become stagnant in our thinking and the things which we are doing.  We find ourselves just going through the motions.  

Many things that we are doing for God are routine and have become habits.  It is kind of like putting on deodorant or brushing our teeth every day, both are very good things, but we get tired of it sometimes and would love to skip!  Please, don’t!  Hey, I am still using the same toothbrush I have used for...Ok, I shouldn’t tell you that, but when I looked closely…..IT IS GROSS!!!   Maybe it is time to get a new one.  I believe I would like a different colored one with a new super - duper grip, or better yet, maybe I need to get one of those new vibrating, sonic, plaque stripping tooth enhancement tools!!  

Hopefully you will find the “newness” you need in your relationship with God.  Break out of any monotony that you are experiencing by doing something different.   He will help you find the freshness you need as you spend more time with Him!


God wants us to start recognizing the things He wants us to do around us.  He has given each of us a “circle of influence” that no one else has, so we need to be aware of those who are included.  Lately, I have been praying, “Lord, who do you want me to encourage today?  Who is someone that needs something that I have? Is there someone I can write a letter to?  Do you want me to give someone something?”   There are needs all around us, but I believe that God can fine tune those and point them out to us when we ask, just as He did for Jesus.  

In John 5:19, Jesus told the people, “I tell you for certain that the Son cannot do anything on his own.  He can only do what he sees the Father doing, and he does exactly what he sees the Father do.”  There are opportunities all around us and they must be seized while the opportunity exists, or we will miss them.  Like Jesus, we need the Father’s direction for each day.  He will empower us for each one He wants us to address. 


As I write, the story coming to mind is blind Bartimaeus.   He had a need.  When he saw his opportunity passing by (Jesus), he cried out!   His friends tried to quiet him and correct him by barking the following: “Stop, you are embarrassing us. It is not appropriate to be so loud!  What will people think?”  On and on they preceded, with everything they could think, to stop Bartimaeus short of his destiny.

Thank goodness that he cried out the more.   Thank goodness that he didn’t listen to those around him.   He stopped Jesus!   That is what we need to be doing.  How awesome to stop get His attention and receive the things that we desire from Him.   It is time we cry out!   It is time we do the things that are not ordinary.   It is time to get out of our comfort zones and pursue like the woman with the issue of blood…like Bartimaeus…with pure abandonment.  God wants to do miraculous things in our lives and in those around us.  He has prepared us for such a time as this!!


Ok, that is MY sermonette for today.  Enjoy the things that the Lord has for you today.  He is awesome.   He still knows where we live.   Continue to move forward.  If you fail or have failed, get up and try again…this time we will make it!  Pursue the Lord!!


Continuing to believe the best in you,







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