Frankly Speaking ........Now!

To My Athiest Friend!

Dear Friend,

I always appreciate your comments.  You're truly a thinker! Congratulations on having 2 apps for the iPad! Great job! 

Granted, there are many opinions floating around in the world.  Just ask someone for their opinion AND you will get it.  Go to several different Doctors and you will probably get several different opinions. They are all educated people with good intentions! Unfortunately, good intentions have killed some people, too!

What has always amazed me...several people can see the very same accident and their view of what happened is always different!  Even when we watch a sports game, many times we disagree with the referee that's actually there AND even with the instant replay...blaming it on a bad angle!!

We have been discussing these things back and forth for almost a year now.  Many times I see you cite a quote or opinion that would also be hard to prove or disprove...and you throw it out as fact.  That in itself IS faith and trust, just not in Jesus Christ…which I conclude, has left more than enough evidence  He existed and IS exactly who He says He is!

I also believe OUR Heavenly Father has given us enough evidence in His creation, His Word, His Spirit and His Son to testify to His least to me and countless others.  We are very deceived; not as smart and discerning as others...or, we are exactly right! 

Again, I stand that my testimony of God and the Lord Jesus is correct and true. It is not based on the opinions of others or upon the research of others.  It is based upon my own search..seeking and finding. It was a journey to meet Him AND I have!  I know to me, it is pointless for anyone to tell me otherwise!

Since I have met him...I know He exists!  For anyone to tell me otherwise is foolishness to me!  It would be like someone trying to convince me that I haven't been to Barbados.  I don't have any pictures; my passport stamp is unreadable AND it might be hard to find anyone there who would remember me.  The people that went with me...I have no clue where they are now AND even if you could locate one, would their testimony prove it was true!  I have been there!

Yes, I have been there...definitely!

I can't prove it…but, you can't disprove it either. Even though one might say I haven't been there because I can't prove it in the way that they would pictures, no stamped passport and not enough eye witnesses. You conclude…I have not been there!

I promise you...I have been there, most certainly!!

So, you trust me and believe with me, because you know me; you know my character and you have spent time with me. You have seen me in different situations AND you know I would not lie about this OR you don't know me well enough and you discount the things I say because there is not enough proof for you AND conclude again...I have not been there. BUT, I have!!!

It is something you can take to the bank...I have visited Barbados!

God says we can know Him!  He says that if we search for Him with everything we have...all that is within us...with all our heart...we WILL find Him.  When you find Him, you will also find you can know Him. Then, you will believe what He says!

By the way...I wrote this to you, personally!  It was written especially for you!  I can't prove I wrote it AND you can't either!  I am telling you I did...but, no one saw me write it.  Yes, you could see that it was from my computer and sent from my facebook account…BUT, what if someone hacked into my account and wrote this to mess with both of us?  How do you prove it is my typing?  I guess you could compare with other things that I have written.  It would be similar...does that really prove it? 

es, I think as Christians we do this, too! We compare His letters to His character and what we saw Jesus do...ALL fits!

For me, I accept things with one of your favorite words...FAITH!  BUT, it is a tangible faith! I see it and I hold it; just like a deed to my car or house.  I have faith in the ONE I met.  He speaks to me every day through impressions, incidents, whispers, letters and books.

He has written and revealed much about Himself through others, including testimonies, miracles and infusions of His presence into dark and hopeless situations.

Do I always understand Him?  NO!  Do I always like what He does and how He does them?  No! But, I didn't like how my parents did things, either...but, they were still my parents.  They had an understanding beyond mine. I could rebel, or trust and obey. I found...most of the time, they were right.

God is always right!  I trust Him to lead & guide me.  Are all things good?  No!  BUT all things work together for good for them that love Him!  In what & who’s timing? His!!  He is an eternal being with eternal thoughts; with the wisdom of the ages. How could we possibly understand it all??  He is multi-dimensional AND multi-faceted. He is 3D to the trillionth power! 

It would be like an ant trying to explain us to other ants!  It would be like a worm trying to figure us out!  It’s awesome you have designed iPad apps!  That’s a fantastic accomplishment AND I celebrate with you. He’s given us the power to do that AND so much more! 

I believe I could go on and on, as I know you are capable, also!  I honestly know and believe you would win in a lot of categories. Guess what, whatever you believe is true to you!  Just make sure that whatever you believe is correct. There is too much at stake. 

What applications are you designing for eternity, my friend?  Forever is a very long time! I pray that you will start making some investments there!  I believe you once knew...please find the TRUTH again!

Yes, something in the equation is is us!  I pray that you can take your eyes off of the darkness and mess we have created.  God should not be credited with that.  He honors our free will and choices...otherwise we would be like puppets who loved by force.  How much better to seek and love with our free will than one that is forced and controlled! He wants our chosen love toward Him!

Yes, He could make everything in this world perfect, but He would rather us love because we want to love AND…seek because we want to find the truth.  IN that scenario, good and bad unfortunately co-exist!  Hopefully, we will choose to look upon the good AND trust that all things will work together for good...eternally!!

Okay, like an "older" brother would talk…you know better!  I really don't understand what has blinded you to the truth.  I do agree with several things you point out...but, I don't set my eyes on ALL the differences in churches AND when I do, I see how stupid we all must appear & be, at times!  IN God's mercy and grace, maybe He allows a different church on every different corner so that we will have no excuse!  I hate hate it AND, I KNOW HE hates it! 

I accept you for who you are!  I will be your friend no matter how you believe and will care about you.  BUT, I also believe the words that Jesus spoke.  I am very, very concerned about your eternal life, because of the words you share with me.  YOU seem to be the one gambling and betting....not my words, but HIS.  Jesus said, He was THE ONLY WAY to the Father.  There is an eternal place of torment, gnashing of teeth and fire...according to HIM.  There is also a place where there is no more sickness, sorrow, pain, sin, etc....with HIM!

Without HIS words to consider AND, you know them better than me, at times…we could just live life inwardly and focus on ourselves BUT, we DO have his words to consider.  You have heard HIS words, as well as I have....we have both seen them.  We now know!  If we reject HIM...we reject HIS Father and eternity is not too pleasant!

We have ALL been given mercy and grace in so many different, from so many mistakes and, maybe just more time. I will hate giving account of myself...but, I am forgiven. What about you?  Do you have no fear?  Does nothing shake you? Does nothing cause you to doubt that the very ONE you deny is really THE TRUTH, and your focus has been on all the wrong stuff??

YOU said we may be in hell together! I disagree. If He is not who he says...there will be no after life!  How could there be if nothing spiritual exists!  When we are dead...we are dead!  There is too much life!  There are too many things we can't explain....too many things that just couldn't have happened by chance...they have a purpose AND that shows a Grand Designer AND a Grand me!

You and I are friends!  I do care about you and what happens to you! I pray the Lord will open the eyes of your understanding so that you will see!

Continuing to believe the best in you,



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