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What are Words?


Chris Medina sings a beautiful song written for him by super producer Rodney Jerkins after hearing his story below!

The 26-year-old aspiring singer from Illinois was engaged to marry Juliana Ramos, his longtime girlfriend, in December 2009. But two months before they were supposed to walk down the aisle, Juliana was involved in a major car accident. Tragically, the crash left her partially paralyzed and caused traumatic brain injuries. Medina continued on with her, not only as her fiancee but now as her primary caretaker. And he didn't give up singing.

It is so much like OUR Heavenly Father to "stick" with us no matter what.  He NEVER leaves us or forsakes us AND never gives up on us!  He loves us unconditionally AND it's so awesome to see that "unconditioanal" kind of love demonstrated in the times we live in today...showing us, it's still possible!
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