Frankly Speaking ........Now!
Why is there delay?

What to think about God’s Delay


As I write this, I have to admit that I’m moved.  There is a stirring within me that this is an important time.  It is almost like the story of blind Bartimaeus.  He heard that Jesus was passing by and recognized his opportunity.  He realized that the opportunity must be seized during the lifetime of that opportunity or it would just pass him by.  He cried out to Jesus (his opportunity to see again).  Those around him tried to quiet him.  “You can't do that.”  “Stop, you are embarrassing us, what will people think?” But, he cried out the more.  It was time....his appointed time. His destiny was before him.  The dream of seeing again was in front of him.  It was time to step out of the box of comfort and seize that which only he could recognize at the moment!  He asked specifically and received specifically!  (Mark 10:46-52)


Just as you have prayed specifically, you will recognize the moment.  It is expedient that I remind you of your prayers, dreams, visions and goals.  God is getting ready to give you the desires of your heart.  Remember, you have delighted yourself in the Lord.  You have set yourself apart and honored Him and glorified Him with your life, actions, words and treatment of others. 


God is getting ready to move and open doors that have seemed impossible, but there is nothing too difficult for Him....all things are possible.  He WILL give you the desires of your heart.  He did not put them there to tease you or torture you, but as an Olympian who has set a goal before them and made the choices and sacrifices necessary to attain them, He is going to send you an invitation to attend the games! Think about it, God has set you in position.  Yes, you are in a "waiting" pattern, but you are about to "take off".


The story of Joseph amazes me (Gen 30-50).  He shared his dreams and visions and they infuriated those who were closest to him.  They did not understand.  He was seemingly taken on a path that he did not deserve.  He was given the reward of prison for doing something right.  It actually seems so unfair.....until you realize that God thinks from a higher perspective.  He has eternal views and outcomes in mind.  He is a “Big” God with “Big” plans who expects and gets “Big” results. 


Until a few years ago, I could not imagine what Joseph must have felt.  My normal reaction was, “What have I done to deserve this?”  I would have griped, complained, had a bad attitude, sulked, stomped, jumped up and down to get my way, etc. Now, I can honestly say that it is in my greatest trials, failures, tragedies, and my “blew its” that I grow the most.  It is after one of these “failures” that we got to get up, keep going and try again.


Lord, thank you for contentment and peace in the place you have me now.  Thank you for opportunities to minister and speak a word, or supply a need to someone in lack. Thank you that you are perfecting me, completing me and preparing me for the things ahead.  Let me be content with the things that you have given me.  Let me praise you in every situation.  I give you thanks in all things. You are the supplier of all my needs and I trust you that all things will work out for good!


Joseph obviously had to get to this point.  God remembered him and in one amazing day.  He went from being deep in a dungeon to second in command.  He was able to save family and a nation from the position he held during the time of the famine.  God had prepared him for such a time.  He had been given the wisdom necessary to make the decisions and choices for the circumstances that he would face at that time through the things that he had experienced.


The point is, as I think you already know, you are where you are for a reason.  Like the Berlin Joseph...suddenly, it will just happen...God only requires a new day…a moment….to change a destiny…to do the unthinkable and the impossible.  Keep going forward.  The time is at hand!  He is in control!


Actually, you are written on my heart right now....a good thing...a friend thing. I am here to encourage you, agree with you and give you a little push. It is as you are getting ready to give birth to a dream….so push …push.  Can you see it….it is coming….push!  We all have the tendency to try to make things happen.   There is a continual fight to try to help God when He doesn’t do what we think in the time period desired.  Continuing to read Psalms 37 seems to help. Notice the words; trust, commit, rest, wait and wait patiently.


I want to say more…..but…..for another time… are what is important now!  I want you to succeed.  I want you to reach your potential and see your destiny come to pass.  I want to see you smile and be happy in all things.  I desire only good things to come your way.  May the blessings of the Lord shower you and overtake you…covenant child. May He give you unexpected gifts and presents to remind you how special you are and that you are greatly loved.  His mercies fail not.  They are new and fresh every day.  Your past He will not remember.  Your failures He has already forgotten.  He sees you as you are now….royalty.  You are pure and holy before Him and you are clothed in His righteousness.  Carry yourself as the Prince or Princess that you are.  Walk fully in the confidence, faith and boldness He has given you.  His authority is with you!


I am like the Energizer Bunny who just keep going and going and going.  Wow, I am wearing me out….no, not really…..but, done for the night.  So highly favored and one that is loved, be safe….be blessed….may He watch over your sleep tonight and give you great peace… are in my prayers!   Smile!!  Yes, smile!!


Staying free, peaceful and calm,








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